A place for the awoken to teach and learn with others

so that they may grow

father crouched to his childs eye line . this shows that a father is willing to get to the childs level in life
father reaching for his child

Bless the little children for they see with their eyes.

Hear with their hearts, listen with their ears and speak with their mouths.

They do not suffer with the transgressions of the old.

Do we not say to a child ‘’pancakes for dinner’’ and they are joyous, they do not question they why?

But us old, we weigh ourselves with worry. Our fears and inability to accept Gods love is what is our transgression.

As parents we give our kid’s all we have, and leave none for us, is this not what the father has done for us?

Glory unto the father, he gave us a son unto this world that we could know what we meant to him.

A shining light as a beacon.

A lamp so we can be enlightened in the darkest hour. awoken definition

The word of God is a sword in which we carry by our side.

But do we use it?

It is time.

Praise God! for we have sinned, but the sun still shines.

The air is still here.

The rivers still flow, and the earth still rotates.

Blessed is he who understands all these things could halt by the swipe of Gods hand.

But wont, because we are his children and he loves us.



I know I’m not completely right  But I love this planet

The people are amazing and I’m proud But its time to wake up

No ones completely right No one is completely wrong

And yes we need to respect others emotions

We squabble and fight like kids in the school yard

But forget life is precious and family is life

 I will put my ego on the line

And say I’m not right most of the time

I’m just a human Wanting the best for my family

And I’m sick to death Of a controlled political system

That will murder the soul of a nation For the sake of there own ego

Because I feel its time to stand up And fight against the real enemy

Time to wake up my friends Because if we don’t all would be lost

I am a light bringer And I bring my inner light unto this world

With the hand of Christ at my back And the river of life flowing through my heart