Wi-Fi for the Brain

Wi-Fi for the brain

Yesterday I said about Wi-Fi for the brain and mirror neurons, Well It’s true to fact that we

also have a HUD in our brain . See i keep saying God is awesome. “and I know that some

will not like me using the word GOD so often” .

But what this writing is about is a journey of WAKINGUP to the understanding that we are

not wrong as well as we are not ever entirely right in a majority of out self understandingpineal gland is the mechnasim that gives us our spiritual connection . coined wifi to the brain

of things , ( but i intend on covering this in greater detail later on)

Nutz and bolts No body likes getting woken up! It’s the equivalent to an alarm going off.

I’m certain that some will have “word appropriation” issues with the terms used in some of

my other publications . My grounding one especially. As the words are derived from an

overall understanding From a mediumship course I had done.

I also grew up in a home where my father was a student of pastoral care at harvest bible

college and also a paster in his own small church for a few years .

But enough about me A journey is a foot.

The pineal gland is the device in which the body uses as its screen . Many people through

history and time have studied and understood the ins and outs of a ducks arse on the pineal

gland . It is the place where our body produces and Sucrets melatonin to the body .

It is also known as The Eye of Horus but more on the interrelation with The Eye of Rah

in a later time.

The Egyptians believed it to be The Eye of GOD or Gods as they had many forms of god.

Just like many belief systems have knowledge and understanding about the pineal gland.

The pineal gland is the very key to the highest and divinest consciousness in mans

omniscient-spiritual self This single eye unlocks the all embracing mind to the awake frame

of consciousness . And I have shown you the lock.

With the Rule: as above so below there must also be a key .

Understanding self is a major key to understanding how to achieve the life goal of waking

up to the world around us and our intrapersonal relationship with God .

The best way to understand self is to meditate daily.

Exercise regularly eat properly and

Don’t spend to much time in front of the idiot box .

The pineal gland is associated with creating and understanding,  The brain has 2

distinct hemispheres left and right brain one is for creating and one is for logic .

The Taoism explanation for its precise location is between the old brain and the back of the

new brain ,between the left and right hemispheres so its easy to understand that it sits as-so

its in the complete centre of our brain. And yes its the little powerful thing that causes so

much over all functions that it could be considered as one of the very important CORE

SYSTEMS that we have that make this awesome biogenetic body function in its super

amazing awesome manner . .

When you learn to understand and accept self.

You also learn to except and understand others

And with this comes universal awareness.


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